6 Things to Never Miss When You are in Copenhagen

Believe it or not, Danes know how to make the most from life. They have the best food, design, architecture, culture and so much more to leave an everlasting impression in your mind. If you are seeking a place to live, check these hotel apartments Copenhagen. This article highlights some of the unique experiences to not miss when in Copenhagen.

  1. Shop on Strøget

It is probably the longest pedestrian streets located in Europe and can be easily visited at the Indre By or the Downtown Copenhagen. Ranging from everything right from the high street to the luxury brands also the quaint coffee shops, here you can find anything and everything you have always dreamt of buying from both Danish as well as the international brands.

  1. Visit a palace like some royalty

There are many incredible castles located in Copenhagen. Every palace is a tad bit different when it comes to unique architecture, history as well as furniture.

  1. Visit the Freetown Christina

It is a popular hippie community situated in Copenhagen. No cars run there and it all operates on a green mindset. This community was established by a group of hippies who conquered some marooned military barracks on the site and built their own independent community. This area is open to the public. But ensure to discover some do’s and don’ts about this place before you visit.

  1. Want a sky view of the city, circle around the Round Tower

During the 17th century, the Rundetaarn was built at the altitude of Copenhagen’s astrological prowess. This place is an amazing way to see the sky view of the city as well as it is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. Just climb all the way to the top of the Round Tower for a dizzying view of Copenhagen.

  1. Visit the Copenhagen Coffee Lab

If you are a coffee lover, do visit the coffee lab. It has everything ranging from the coffee brewed with advanced techniques to flasks over the Bunsen burners. We assure you that you will be bestowed with the most unique coffee serving ever.

  1. Enjoy Christmas at Nyhavn

It is one of the most hygge places to experience the Christmas vibes. The streets are lit and you are served with the most delicious Danish Christmas delicacies. It is one of the best ways to celebrate a Nordic Christmas. Ensure to check the house no. 9 which is the oldest one of all and the No. 2o where Hans Christian Andersen once lived.

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