Don’t Miss These 8 Experiences On A Trip To Bali!

You cannot visit Southeast Asia and miss Bali. Famed for its beaches and temples, Bali is a traveler’s paradise by all means, and since there’s a lot you can do here, we bring the 8 must-see/do things for planning your trip.

  • Visit the Tanah Lot Temple. Nicely sitting on a gigantic rock structure with the beach crashing the waves, this is where you can catch the perfect sunset. Yes, the area is a tad more crowded than expected, but cannot be missed.
  • Make time for Elephant Safari Park. Located north of Ubud, Elephant Safari Park is a great place to get up close and personal with the elephants. You will find a garden and a museum too, if you are interested, but the giants will keep you busy.
  • Enjoy the hotels. The best unique boutique hotels in Bali are waiting to host you, and the options are just incredible. Make sure that you check the rooms online and get your booking in advance.
  • Balinese massage. Massages in Bali are quite popular and extremely affordable. The best is a Balinese massage, which includes long strokes, much like the Swedish oil but with essential oils. An hour of good massage shouldn’t cost more than $25.

  • Hike to Mount Batur. If you want to enjoy hiking to Mount Batur, it is best to start early as possible, because you want to make it to the top before the sunrise. Of course, fitness is desirable, but most frequent trekkers easily make it.
  • Gorge on the great food. Bali is known for its cuisine, which includes seafood of all kinds. Chicken Satay is one of the popular dishes here, and you will find more items that are common to the Indonesian cuisine.
  • Enjoy Yoga. There are plenty of yoga centers in Ubud, and you will love the experience. If you have the time, make sure to stay at a retreat for at least a week to understand the love and passion people share for yoga.
  • Kintamani for the offbeat. If you are looking for an offbeat place away from the beach, Kintamani is the place to be. There’s a big lake and a volcano, making way for big adventures. It is always better to go with a guide though because the area can be confusing. Hotels must be also booked in advance.

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