What is the Tipping Etiquette in Bromont, Canada like?

Tipping in Bromont, Canada, is very much like in the US. Tipping is not a mandatory thing, but is usually expected by the service providers as they get paid a low base pay. They tend to rely on the tips to bring their earnings to a decent level. Always keep in mind that the sales tax in Canada ranges 5 to 15 percent on the basis of the province you are in. however, tipping calculations are recommended for pre tax amounts only. Make sure you don’t end up paying more than what is served to you. In Canada, or anywhere you go, you are expected to pay heed to some tipping etiquettes. We have delineated more on this if you are visiting Bromont, Canada.

  • Transportation tipping etiquettes
    • Cabs: between 10 to 20 percent of the fare
    • Airport or hotel shuttle: a $2 tip is acceptable if the driver was helpful.
  • Hotel or resort tipping etiquettes
    • Doorman: if he hails you a cab, then tip him $2.
    • Bellman: $2 to $5 each bag tip is acceptable
    • Chambermaid: you can either pay in lump sum at the end of your stay or $2 to $5 per day.
    • Room service: ensure if the tip is included in the cost of your room service. If it does, you don’t need to tip the guy. Or else you can tip him 15%
    • Parking valet: a $5 or $10 tip is fine. Also tip when you leave.
    • Concierge: not mandatory, but if you find the service pleasing, feel free to tip. To check the best hotels to stay in, visit com

  • Restaurant tipping etiquette
    • Waiters or servers: 15 to 20 percent exclusive of the tax calculated on your bill.
    • Bartender: one dollar per drink or 10 to 20 percent is applicable. You can also ask him to keep the change.
    • Sommelier: not mandatory, but they expect to receive a tip at the end of the night
    • Coat check: $1 to $2 per coat.
  • Salon and massage tipping etiquette

It is acceptable to tip around 15 to 20 percent when it comes to beauticians, hair stylists, and masseurs exclusive to the tax mentioned in your bill. Your tip is also appreciated by the ones who blow dries your hair and the one who washes it at $5 to $10 each.

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